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All members please make sure you are on our e-mail list so we can blast out for support letters and calls to your local legislators.

Additionally, we can not find every hidden agenda out there.  So we count on you to give us a heads up.
PLEASE call or 
e-mail us immediately if you hear of anything that is not good for the legal fields.  

2012 was a very active year for legislation in Arizona.  We tried to introduce a few bills, but we were also kept busy with trying to amend or stop bills from going through that would harm or make it difficult for our industry.  We did learn who our allies are and found out the parties that oppose anything our industry tries to do.

2013 has been a slow year for good & bad legislation.  However, we are always on the lookout for problems.  Our newest one is databases being bullied by the credit bureaus to cut us out of identifying information that is vital for us to do our jobs.  AALPI and the PI industry are united in standing our ground on this issue both locally and nationally.

2014 AALPI was able to block or amend the wording in three local proposed bills.  We also helped on the National level. 

2015 may be an interesting year.  Drones and privacy are both big areas to watch and congress is expecting at least 15 drone bills to be presented next session.  Locally with a new election it should be busy too.  We are ready to act on anything that comes up and may ask membership for a call to action if needed.

Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators  480-535-6620

2012 - Special thanks to Jayne McElfresh, Andi Murphy, Dana Young & Barry Goldman for all of their tireless hours put in this year for our industry.  And thanks to Rich Robertson for his timely notifications that helped to alert us to problems.  If we left anyone out, thank you.

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