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Unlicensed Activity

Please Report Unlicensed Activity

If you have had a problem with an investigator or company offering investigation services that you suspect are not licensed, please fill out the below form and submit it electronically to our committee chair & DPS liaison for unlicensed activity.  

Our committee members will review what you have submitted and verify the person and / or company are in fact not registered as a licencee with DPS investigation licensing.  

The committee will follow up with DPS licensing detectives to insure it is investigated.  If DPS determines they should be licensed and were operating illegally, DPS will take appropriate action according to our state statutes.


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Please give details of the person, company or incident.  Include Names, dates, source, web addresses, addresses, advertising ... how you came across it.

Be as 
descriptive as
you can so we can follow up with DPS on your behalf.

Search DPS Licensing Database for individual or company investigation license: click here

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