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Presidents Message


Members and Prospective Members of AALPI

It has been an interesting transition from Sergeant at Arms to the President of the Association. A bit of a learning curve to be sure.

We have a full Board of Directors (BOD) as of the end of January. Comprised of both old BOD members and some new members that have stepped up. Please check our who's who under the current Board of Directors tab.

As membership has been dwindling, this new BOD is stepping up to give its members the best bang for your buck.

One of the first things that members of the BOD did was go down and meet with DPS Licensing. Dana Young, Bob Nalett, and I sat down with them and discussed possible new legislation. We also talked about the upcoming change to digital fingerprinting. Wait times for licenses are soon to be greatly reduced.

Our AALPI Yahoo Groups (not a chat group) is morphing into an informational tool for our members. PI questions can be asked and answered. Also, jobs are being posted so that you might get some extra work. We have Vice President Bob Nalett and our Yahoo groups moderator Angela Vardy to thank for this.

If you are a past member, on the fence about renewing your membership, you may have already talked to Bob. Both Bob and Angela have been cleaning up our membership roster. Soon many past members and PI’s who have not heard from us for a while will be contacted from one of the BOD members. This is all part of a new membership drive for AALPI.

We have recently simplified our membership application as well as our acceptance process. This will make things easier for prospective and renewing members.

One of the complaints members have had was the AALPI website. Well, we are working to get this cleaned up and upgraded. I have been working on this for the past several days. Please check out your information and get back to me if it needs an update. We would also like to have you submit three specialties that you would like to have posted next to your name or agency.

The Annual Conference will be held in conjunction with APSA at the Mesa Hilton on the 16th and 17th of September of this year.

The BOD is also looking in to several educational opportunities for the members during the year.

We have other projects that we would like to do. We would like to put out a quarterly e newsletter. Some of you may remember the Chronicle that we used to put out.

AALPI is only as good as its members make it. No one gets paid for their work, it is strictly a volunteer organization. We also must run our own PI businesses to make it. In a fast food world, some things do not get done as fast as we sometimes wish. So please bear with us. We are a work in progress. I urge you to help where you can. We need volunteers! We currently have  the following committees.

  • Legislation
  • Education
  • Membership
  • Media
  • Conference

Well, this should catch everyone up with most of what has been going on in our Association.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service, as always, the buck stops here.

Dan Bekins
AALPI President

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