About Us

When was AALPI founded? 


What are the benefits of membership with AALPI?

AALPI is just beginning a remake and rebranding of itself. As this process progresses, more and more benefits will become available. AALPI currently has a member’s only list serve that addresses members questions with answers from other members. The listserve also provides listings for work that is available.

We are currently in the middle of a redux of our website. We list current member’s agencies across Arizona and contact information for those in need of investigate services. As of now, the website provides news of upcoming events. Advertising will be available on the site for those vendors providing discounts to our members.

A quarterly e-newsletter named The Chronicle is starting up again with legislation updates and helpful information for investigators. Advertising will also be available for those who so choose.

We also provide an organization for investigators to step up and volunteer to strengthen our profession both here in Arizona and nationally.

Why should every PI in Arizona be a member?

Well, first and foremost, a strong association benefits one and all of its members. I believe that most associations are feeling the pinch of “non-joiners”. AAPLI is attempting to turn this around. We need members who choose to be active in the association and their chosen profession. We have much to offer.

What type of training programs does AALPI offer?

AALPI is working to provide more continuing educational opportunities. We currently have our Grand Canyon Conference (September 16th and 17th) and have several seminars and presentations during the year. 

Does your association partake in any legislative initiatives for the benefit of its members or private investigators in Arizona? If so, any examples? 

AALPI is always on the lookout for both good and bad legislation, both locally and nationwide. We make our voice be heard on behalf of our members and other investigators. 

In 2017 AALPI helped stop bad legislation that was being pushed on ALL AZ licensing boards to make boards accept felons and people on probation into licensed professions.  Our legislative committee acted quickly and got a few words changed that made the difference. Now the Licensing Boards that have their own rules on qualifications can keep them in place. 

2015 was an interesting year.  Drones and privacy are both big areas to watch and congress is expecting at least 15 drone bills to be presented next session.  Locally with a new election it should be busy too.  We are ready to act on anything that comes up and may ask membership for a call to action if needed.

In 2014 AALPI was able to block or amend the wording in three local proposed bills.  We also helped on the National level. 

This is but a few times that AALPI has stepped up for our membership and the investigative industry.

What is the main goal of the conference in September?

Our Grand Canyon Conference (September 16th and 17th) is being presented by several like-minded associations. The Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators, Arizona Process Servers Association and the Arizona Private Security Professionals Association.

The conference will provide continuing education opportunities, legislative and licensing updates, as well as pertinent presentations for all associations and their members.

Networking and putting names with faces is also a large part of our conference.

Is there a theme or topic that you are covering?

This conference is not theme specific with these diverse associations attending. If I had to pick one though, it would be “How We All Work Together”.


Are there any speakers or specific events at the conference you would like to highlight?

We would like to think that all presentations are important to our associations. Some may be more meaningful to some members than others. Come check it out. https://aalpi.com/2016_Conference.html


To get an idea of your goals for growth, how many members does AALPI currently have and what number of members would be ideal?

We currently are looking for more members and will accept all that are qualified. Membership applications are available online at www.aalpi.com and will be available at our conference.


Are you allowing nonmembers to join the conference?

Of course we are. We welcome all comers that this conference may be of interest to. We invite you to come and to see what we are all about.


What is the expected number of investigators at the September conference? 

Currently, we have no hard numbers on how many will attend. Can we count you and your agency members as attendee’s?


What networking options will be available at the conference?

Arizona folks are pretty friendly overall. I imagine if an attendee starts with “Hey there, I am an investigator from (blank). I would like to get to know you and what you do” things will work out. Like magic, you are networking.


Thank you for allowing me to be of service, as always, the buck stops here.

Dan Bekins
AALPI President