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President’s Message



AALPI President’s Annual Message 

18 Jan 2020


I had served as the Member-at-Large of AALPI for a little over a year before I ran for Sergeant-at-Arms. I served for two terms before I, after deep thought, decided to run for Vice-President. I figured that I’d have a couple of terms to sort things out before taking the next step and possibly becoming President of AALPI. It was then that I received a rude awakening. Matt Brooks, the President at that time, had to step down as President because of a conflict of interest with his new job. What a revolting development this was. On the job learning. This was a quantum leap from Sergeant-at-Arms to the President of AALPI.


It was then that I reached out to Bob Nalett, our current Vice-President. At this time, AALPI was on shaky ground. Not all of the Board of Director positions were filled. AALPI was hemorrhaging money and members were leaving. It looked like AALPI was dying. Bob and I decided to work together to save the association. We would give it a year and it either came around or it would die on our watch. Here we are three years later with a better association and on much more solid ground. The first step in this process was to stop the hemorrhaging of money. We got rid of unneeded expenditures of past AALPI Boards.


Membership is increasing. In December of 2016, we had 73 members. We currently have 105 members. Our bank accounts are much better off. 

Our bank assets over the past three years have doubled. This is after the added benefits of PI Magazine Subscriptions, The PI Magazine ad, the Padfolios, and the Annual Conference were paid for.


Because of a firm financial foundation, AALPI was able to give out added benefits this year. A subscription to PI Magazine to members. Members who receive this have to pay their dues by February 15th in order to receive this benefit. A PI Magazine advertisement that gives AALPI a national and worldwide presence, and a discount to AALPI members on PI Gear. In October of this year the Board decided to purchase debossed padfolios to pass out to members in good standing. These will be passed out at our annual meeting.


We are currently in the process of negotiating for an AALPI PI insurance vendor to provide discounted insurance for members that want to participate in a possible new program. Members would have the choice between having their own insurance vendor at their current premiums or choosing the association’s vendor. Choosing the association’ vendor could result in a 20 to 30 percent reduction in annual premiums.



We continue to struggle with website issues. We may have to search for a new vendor.


Some members who have stepped up


Pat Nichols who is our bookkeeper.


Steven Mason has stepped up with MailChimp to reach out to all Arizona Licensed Private investigators with AALPI’s messages.


Brian Devine has stepped up to revive the AALPI Chronicle with pertinent. PI news for us all.


Christine Burke has stepped up and created PDF’s and flyers for our events.


Angela Vardy has been the creator and producer for the AALPI list serve for years. Thank you Angela!


Tina Thomas has helped with the conference big time getting speakers, and coordinating this years conference with NCISS.


Many more members have stepped up and volunteered for AALPI projects. Thank you one and all for your participation


I would like to end this summation by saying thank you to the Board of Directors for keeping us on course. Thank you to the volunteers who have helped our efforts. Thank you to all of the members that come to our events such as this and to our Annual Conference. Thank you to all of our speakers who gave of their time to impart their knowledge to us all. Most of all, thank you all for allowing me to be of service to AALPI.



Daniel Bekins,

Soon to be Past President