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2018 Annual Meeting

I would like to thank one and all of you that took the time to attend our Annual Meeting. Things were looking grim just 3 days before the meeting. There were only 4 people signed up. We started looking like the Arizona Association of Procrastinating Investigators.

Our members came through at the last minute. We had a great Annual Meeting with 19 members in attendance. The Dobson Restaurant was a good venue for AALPI. Located just South of the 60 in Mesa. Parking was somewhat trying but it worked out. The lunch menu was simple, but tasty.

Rich Robertson shared some of his “tricks of the trade” in “Navigating Public Records”. This was an excellent presentation that I feel that everyone that attended benefitted from.

There is a wealth of information out there for investigators. But, you need to know the laws (yes, plural), how to make your request, what they can charge, how long they can take and what they can legitimately withhold. And, you need to know how to appeal if your request is denied. Rich Robertson, CLI, is your ideal guide. The former investigative reporter and city editor for The Arizona Republic, past president of AALPI and the only non-attorney ever to receive the prestigious John J. Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award from Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, has been battling public records issues for 45 years. He recently took a public records issue all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court, creating new case law on public access to government records. 

Thanks again Rich for sharing your experience with us. An outstanding presentation!

2018 Annual Election Results:
Dan Bekins was elected to a two-year term as President of the Board of Directors of the association. Also elected for two year terms were Matt Parker for the position of Secretary and Pat Cote as Sergeant at Arms.

2017 Annual Election:
It has been an interesting transition from Sergeant at Arms to the President of the Association. Our Board President at the time, Matt Brooks, took on a new job. Remaining on the Board would have been a conflict of interest. Matt felt that he should step down. There was a huge learning curve for me. Several of our members stepped up to fill open Board seats.

2017 DPS Licensing Meeting:
       One of the first things that members of the BOD did was go down and meet with DPS Licensing. Dana Young, Bob Nalett, and I sat down with them and discussed possible new legislation. We also talked about the upcoming change to digital fingerprinting. DPS was also concerned about the provisional licensing bill, SB 1071 and HB 2290.

Rich Robertson, Mike Branham, Dana Young, and myself discussed the provisional licensing bills. Rich put out a friendly amendment that was accepted at the legislature. This bill was moving fast and Rich was on top of it for us. The bill dealt with the recent "Out of the Box" movement and could have allowed felons to get provisional licensing. Both AALPI and APSPA were against this bill. At last check, the bill was so watered down that it would have little or no effect on our industry.

         In a letter that I sent out to the membership last year, I had to inform our members that AALPI had been phished for approximately one third of its treasury. We were hit for $4,980.00. We immediately filed a case with our bank.

Being a member of Infragard, I had access to the FBI’s top internet fraud agent. The FBI is still investigating our case.

Getting any of our funds back was looking pretty grim until our Treasurer, Thom Bunch, stepped up with his own personal check to replace the funds. Thom was told that he need not make such a gesture but he did so anyway. Thom has proven that honor and integrity still exist in our world.

On January 10th of this new year, AALPI received another phishing attempt. Duly reported to the FBI.

       We have recently simplified our membership application as well as our acceptance process. This will make things easier for prospective and renewing members.

Our AALPI Yahoo Groups is morphing into an informational tool for our members. PI questions can be asked and answered. Also, jobs are being posted so that you might get some extra work. We have Vice President Bob Nalett and our Yahoo groups moderator Angela Vardy to thank for this.

The Annual Conference will be held in conjunction with APSA at the Mesa Hilton on the 16th and 17th of September of this year. The conference was attended by three organizations with similar needs. AALPI, APSA, and ASPSA. It was a success in that we ended up in the black and there were some great speakers from all of the organizations. AALPI members were involved in several very successful presentations.

AALPI Website:
      One of the reoccurring complaints members have had was the AALPI website. Well, we were working to get this cleaned up and upgraded. Things were going pretty well for a while. This kind of work is very time consuming. I have been working on this for the past several months and have thrown in the towel. The BOD decided to get a person independent of the association to do the work. A total redux is under way.

The Board of Directors has chosen Roger Biel of 2 Geckos to redux the website. The unveiling should be sometimes in February.

Educational Seminars:
The BOD is also looking in to several educational opportunities for the members during the year. We need help from our members to pull this off. Up until 3 days ago there were only 4 people registered for this event. I know that the way in which employment comes our way, it is sometimes difficult to commit to a date and time. That is how I came up with the name Arizona Association of Licensed Procrastinating Investigators. Saying this, the Board of Directors apologizes for having this meeting and following event on a three-day weekend and holiday.

Lord knows that my wife has reminded me of this fact several times.

Since no member has volunteered for the position of editor of the Chronicle, AALPI may hire someone to put it out. Three maybe 4 times a year.

Reasons to smile as we are up approximately $2,600.00.

We had a bit of a bumpy start last year but things worked out pretty well. I would like to thank everybody that stepped up to make it so. To be the best that we can be as an association, we need more people willing to volunteer help.  


AALPI is your association. It only as good as its members make it. No one gets paid for their work, it is strictly a volunteer organization. We also must run our own PI businesses to make it. In a fast food world, some things do not get done as fast as we sometimes wish. So please bear with us. We are a work in progress. I urge you to help where you can.

Thanks, one and all for a great year!

Thank you for allowing me to be of service, as always, the buck stops here.

Dan Bekins
AALPI BOD President