AALPI is always looking for engaging speakers for our upcoming events.  If you would like to be considered or know of someone you would like us to consider please send us the contact info and if available curriculum to review. 

*****NOTE:  We are still open for a 1 hr slot at the conference. Please contact Dan if you are interested.  If we do not use you for this conference we will be having education meetings in Tucson, Phoenix, and up north next year and are actively seeking speakers.

   The Selection Process

A typical conference segment is 50, 80 or 110 minutes.  Please let us know your preferred time allotment for your topic.

  1. Submit your completed proposal online; describe your presentation fully and concisely. 
  2. Submitted materials will be reviewed for content, quality and relevance.
  3. Professional references will be checked to verify presentation quality and skills.
  4. If the proposal is accepted, you will receive an invitation to participate with information regarding the schedule and other information relevant to your presentation. 

 Marketing Policy

The primary reason most individuals attend AALPI conferences is to receive high-quality continuing education instruction and to learn techniques relevant to their investigative profession. 

Chosen speakers agree to refrain from promoting their products or services during their presentations.  AALPI believes that knowledgeable speakers who provide their audiences with practical information on important issues will attract those interested in products and services of their own accord. 

Speaker Fees & Expenses

AALPI does not pay speaker fees or reimburse expenses for the majority of the speaking opportunities. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the speaker.

Conference Registration

If you are selected as a speaker at an AALPI conference or quarterly luncheon you may attend the entire conference at no charge including all Keynote addresses, educational sessions and social events.