WELCOME we would love to have you as a member.  We have several membership levels to choose from:

Full Membership ($100): Open to the Qualifying Party or named partner of a PI company. If applicant is outside Arizona, they must be eligible to conduct private investigations within their respective jurisdiction. Only Full Members, living within the borders of the State of Arizona, can vote in an election or hold a Board of Directors position.

Associate Membership ($75): Open to principals (corporate officers, LLC members, partners, limited partners) and employees of a private investigation company. In Arizona, open to investigators who are not required by their employment to be licensed.

Vendor Membership ($200): Open to all persons engaged in a profession or occupation related to private investigations. Vendor Members receive $100 off of table costs at our conferences and placement under "Vendors" on our website page.

JOIN AALPI /ORIGINAL MEMBERSHIP - or renewal after membership has lapsed more than 6 months.

1)  Fill out the membership application below by clicking on it and filling it out.
2)  Send your completed application along with any documentation requested on the form to: AALPI1776 N. Scottsdale Rd, Unit 1902, Scottsdale, AZ 85257,  or by email to:, or by fax to: 480-946-2782.
3)  At the next scheduled Board meeting, the Board will review and approve/disapprove your application.
4)  You will be listed in the Membership Directory section of the website.


Click to goto the Online Membership Application

Click to download Membership Application (Fillable PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: After clicking the above link and opening the document, if you click the box in the upper right-hand corner to "open with a different viewer," you will be given an option to open with Adobe Reader.  If you click this option, the form can be filled out on your computer and then printed.

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To AALPI!