AALPI Code of Ethics

We, the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators, provide this Code of Ethics, to our members to guide them when providing their services to their clients. This Code of Ethics constitutes those values agreed to by the members, by virtue of their membership in AALPI. This code is to be honored and practiced as a guideline for all professional activities.

A member shall adhere to all applicable laws, statutes and regulations of the State of Arizona and United States of America in carrying out investigations on behalf of our clients.


A member shall apprise clients against any illegal or unethical activities and to cooperate with law enforcement or other governmental agencies, as required by law.


A member shall observe, and adhere to the precepts of honesty, integrity, and truthfulness.


A member shall be truthful, diligent, and honorable in the discharge of their professional responsibilities.


A member shall preserve all confidential all information received in an investigation unless directed otherwise by the client or unless under specific order or legal authority.


A member shall refrain from improper and unethical solicitation of business; including false or misleading claims or advertising or taking another member's clients.


A member shall never knowingly cause harm or defame the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients, or any member of AALPI.


A member shall never permit personal feelings, prejudices, political beliefs, aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence their professional decisions.


A member shall accept sole responsibility for their individual standard of professional performance and actions, taking every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve their level of knowledge, competence, and professional integrity.